Friday, August 10, 2012

Tour of the "Blogosphere"

Had a little time today to swing around the blogosphere.  It's great to see you are all busy and happy and productive and it's great to drop in and visit for a couple minutes from Australia, to Pennylvania, to Kansas, to Missouri, and back to New Hampshire.  Isn't it amazing?  What a difference from just a few years back when the only way to communicate economically was to mail a letter.  It took some time to write the letter and then to get it from the desk to the mailbox with postage, then sometimes you'd get a return letter, sometimes not. 

I went to visit my friend Sharmayne from Australia.  It's fun to see the changing seasons for her.  Right now she's in the midst of the winter season and we're in the midst of summer.  She makes soaps and is very talented with yarn.  Stop in and see some of her handiwork.  She also sells her soap, but not sure what the postage would be like to get it to the states.  Unfortunately the internet has it's limitations.

Then there's my blogging friend Gina from Pennsylvania  who is also very talented and a great mom with a wonderful family who all get together for fun events like butchering, canning, and just plain good fun.  Her latest post was about their new chickens.  We have that in common and gardening... I love to hear about her garden.  She also has the most adorable children.  Gina's a reader, who often gives book reviews.  I've ordered a few of the books she has recommended.

Then I get to visit with my friend Connie from Missouri.  She has such encouraging posts.  It's fun to get those in my email box nearly every day.  She also has a wonderful family with three adorable children.  She will be homeschooling this year, so pray for her as she takes this on as well as caring for a toddler.  Lots of you moms out there know what that's going to be like.
She shared this gem the other day and it made me laugh outloud!!!

Then there's my Kansas buddy Linda who is the bestest cooker.  I love to hear about her yummy recipes and what a talent she is with a needle in hand.  She lives on a farm with horses, sheep, chickens and kitties.  I also get her posts via email and it's always such an encouragement to hear all about her family and job and farm life and crafts and cooking adventures.  Hey, Linda, do any of your recipes fail???

Finally back home to our "neck of the woods".  I love my friend Mrs. T's  blog.  She always has something encouraging to say in her posts.  She puts me to shame with my measily few posts over this past year.  She also has many adventures and many yummy recipes to share.  Even though I get to see Mrs T often and get to taste some of those yummy recipes, I still like reading her blog when I have opportunity.

You all encourage me and inspire me to get going and get things done and get creative.  Love ya all even if I don't comment all the time... I'm lurking. 

This is only a sampling of the blogs that I visit, but ones I highly recommend for others to read and follow as well.  If I could give them all an award, I would.


  1. What a fun post! Thanks for mentioning my blog -- am so glad it's one you enjoy visiting even though we often see one another in person! I enjoy Gina's and Linda's blogs so much too and have gotten many great recipes and ideas from both of them. Now I will have to visit the others you mentioned.

    Hope you and Joanna are feeling much better now!

  2. awww, cool post!! I love "traveling" all over to visit all my bloggy friends!!! :)
    I haven't posted in a while as we've been in Tennessee visiting my family there - but we're back now - ready to blog again and ready to HOME SCHOOL!!!!!!!! :) Thanks for the prayers! :)