Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello From the Millett Farm

The garden is growing and producing and we are thankful.  We've had beans, peas, and cucumber so far, but lots more on the way.  Joanna's nasturtium are drawing in the hummingbirds and the sunflowers are drawing in the bumblebees.  My grandson was here through the month of July and we had loads of fun and he was able to go to camp at The Wilds of New England for two weeks through the grace of God.  We sent him home exhausted and in the middle of a crazy rain storm. 

It has been a great summer so far with many blessings and work to do.  My job has been extremely busy... good for job security, but exhausting too.  We've been enjoying the new deck and the outdoor fireplace.  We've had numerous visit from bear but not pictures since they like to visit at night and no one wants to go be too friendly with them. 

The 28 little ducklings are growing up and now go out and enjoying the duck yard.  Here they are going on a "playdate" under all the momma's watchful eyes.  They really didn't want me out there taking pictures of them. 

Our meat birds are getting "meaty".  I gotta get busy and use up last year's chickens before we put in this years.  Won't be long till butchering day arrives.  They seem to be quite healthy.
They are "waddling" well. - * 3steps, plop * 3 steps, plop* -  That's how they get around.

More pictures later so that you can see more of what's happening on the farm.

Just a word about the grace of God. I Corinthians 12:9 "And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for you: for my strength is made perfect in weakness."  God's grace is something I do not deserve and certainly is not something I can earn.  In fact the more I lean on the Lord, the more grace he shows.  The more I try to do things on my own the more challenging life becomes.  I know in my head that God has my times in his hands and that the more time I spend with Him the more precious He is to me, but life just seems to crowd out these thoughts and I find myself floundering, like Peter on the stormy sea.  I wonder what I'm going to do about this or that and don't think so much about when I'll get to spend some more time with God in prayer or in the Word.  God seems to always catch me when I'm falling and bring me back to that place where I am listening to Him again.  Oh foolish human that I am.  When will I ever learn that without God I can do nothing.  Unless He is the builder there is no soundness to the structure.  Unless I abide in Him my life will be fruitless.  I wonder how many others struggle with this very thing.  I'm sure there are other's out there who get into this vicious cycle.  If you have any helpful hints, let me know.  

It's a beautiful sunny day out there today.  Even though I woke up with a terrific headache, the pain is easing up and I'm at work with a full staff today, so it won't be too crazy.  God is good to me again.

Have a great day! 


  1. loved hearing from you - glad you're having a good summer!! :)
    And thanks for reminding us about God's wonderful grace!! :) I need a lot of it these days.

  2. Nice pictures and encouraging thoughts today. We are all just works in progress and I do notice that I too tend to fail in the same areas over and over again. A couple of things have helped me in the vicious cycle you described. One is that I'm trying to identify these areas where I struggle. I make pages for each one in my prayer journal and write out helpful verses. Then I pray about one of these specific areas every day. I know that you don't have a lot of time on weekday mornings, so maybe you could make the pages/write out verses on Saturday mornings, then pray about them (eyes open!) as you drive to work on weekdays. Just a thought.

    Another thing I've found helpful is to do one small thing every day (in addition to my regular quiet time) to promote spiritual growth and help me keep my eyes on the Lord. Could be memorizing a verse, reading a short chapter in a book or devotional, or, on a day when I have more time, working on a Bible study. Because I'm so busy preparing my Sunday School lessons, I have to inch my way through Bible studies. But maybe I learn more that way, who knows?

    Anyway, just a couple of thoughts ... hope they help a bit. Hope your headache is much, much better by now!