Thursday, April 12, 2012

Once a Month Blogger

It was never my intention to turn into a once-a-month-blogger, but seems that's what it has come to.  I would love to share with you all the stuff that is happening in my life, but it seems that something always comes up and gets in the way. 

Well, I have some very, very, happy news.  Little Norman is here.  My wonderful daughter Joanna has given birth to a 8.4lb 20" bouncing baby boy.  He's such a cute kid.  I am blessed now to have 2 superduper grandbabies... oops... grandboys can't say "baby" anymore for Brandon... he's almost as tall as his mom now. 

So let me tell the tale.....  not to put you to sleep necessarily, but to record these happenings for "posterity".

Joanna came to the house (camper) from her house (camper) 100 ft away... on Wednesday AM 6:30.  She had gotten up in about 1:30 AM and was spotting, so she drover herself to the local hospital to see what was going on.  They checked her all over and told her that they felt her water was broken and leaking and that she should go home and get some rest and call her Dr. in the morning.  She had tried to get some sleep and now she was at our camper calling her Dr.  They made an appointment right away and she went in to get checked yet again.  Her Dr. felt that she should probably check in since they were unable to confirm that her water had broken.  We got to the hospital about 8:30 AM and they started an IV with antibiotic and got her settled in her room.  It was clear that this was going to be a rather inactive day, so I went on to work.  Joanna got some rest that day and was still not in any great labor when I came back after work, so about 8 PM I went home and decided to get some rest myself.  I called work and took off Thursday and Friday since it was pretty sure something was going to happen on those two day or at least before the weekend.  The Dr. gave Joanna something to soften  the cervix and a few hours later... about 9 AM on Thursday they began a low dose of Pitocin.  Finally she was getting some significant contractions.  By noon the contractions were getting intense.  About 7:20 PM she was ready to push.  By 7:44 she was holding her little baby boy after giving 3 hard pushes he was here.  It was a good delivery and she is doing very well. 

Joanna came home on Monday (cause nothing happens in the hospital over the weekend ya know), and is quite the Mommy.  It's been amazing to me to see her thrive in her new roll even with less that 4 hours of sleep each night.  At Norman's first check up on Tuesday the Dr. thought he was doing very well.  He's gaining weight and his color is great and he's very alert. 

Now you know this is the Grammy talking, so you will understand that I am just a little prejudice, but we love him to death and think of course that he's the most special baby in all the world. 

Here's some pictures to confirm what I just said.

feeling a little miserable right now....

only an hour old... we suddenly thought to take a picture :)

at about 2 hours... Mom's up and running.... sorta

next day... getting his footprint taken...

here I am in all my glory... snoozing on Mommy's lap.

our little bundle... a cute little cowboy swaddler... gift from our friend Carrie...
Norman James Peel... first outing... to prayer meeting.
Everyone was so happy to meet you and Gramma was really proud.

more admirers at church... and a mommy admirer too.

So that's the story as best I can recall.  We've had some very happy days this past week.  Thank you for spending some time with us.


  1. oh yeh -he's here ... and he is a beautiful baby boy!!! so big! wow!! Glad all went well for your daughter too - though that seems like a longgggggggg time to wait for a baby!! congratulations!!!!!!

  2. Hello.... Yesterday on our way home from Mrs. V's birthday party, I was thinking....I have seen these people before. :) So, I decided to check back from Mrs.T's blog to yours.:)What a little cutie Norman is..I would have loved a closer peek and if I had not had a runny nose I would have for sure. We love babies.
    I think the little swaddler Carrie made is adorable.Enjoy that sweet little guy...and nice meeting you in the nursery. Though I never really introduced myself.

  3. Thanks everyone. We've enjoyed this little boy so much. He's a real blessing. Went over last night and he was sleeping so peacefully. He wakes up about every 2 hours right now, but I'm hopeful that will change soon. Happy, happy moments with this little guy right now.

  4. Congrats to all on the safe arrival of little Norman! You are so very blessed to have your grandchild so close to you. It was lovely to have you drop by my blog for a visit not too long ago :) It's always special when a friend drops by. I had a little nephew born just 1 week ago - he is over in New Zealand and makes No 5 for my sister & BIL.