Friday, January 27, 2012

Whataday... so far

This day actually started yesterday.  Mr. D had changed the oil in my car but found he had the wrong size filter.  He put the old one back on and came to pick me up at work, then he got the right filter.  So after we got home last night he went out in the dark and storm and changed the filter and noticed that one of the tires was low in air.  He went to fill the tire with air and acutally let more air out, 'cause the air compressor was frozen.  The bead broke and the tire went flat, so he fiddled with it a little and got it to take air and thought it was probably OK. 

This morning I got up a bit early because I wanted allow a little more time to get to work because of the storm.  We got about 4-5" of wet snow last night and then on top of that is was sleeting/raining this morning.  Went out to the car... now 6:30am... and the tire was flat.  Mr. D got up and changed it (thankfully we have extra studded snow tires around), and I got going.  Part way into my commute the oil light came on.  I think it's the first time that oil light has ever come on.  I pulled over in the sleet/rain and checked the oil and it was empty.  So I got out the oil and put some in (keep a good supply in the car).  I started out again. and the oil light came back on.  I pulled off the road again and started walking toward the house I had just come by.  Cell phones don't work in our neck of the woods, so no sense in having one.  I had just started out when some very nice folks stopped and picked me up.  They took me back home (to the end of the driveway) and I walked up to let Mr. D know what had happened.  On my way up the driveway I noticed a line of oil between my tire tracks in the new snow.  Guess something didn't get put on right.  Mr. D gathered up his tools and off we went to rescue the Neon.  We used the Blazer to pull the car up onto ramps.  What had happened was in the dark last night he had taken the old filter off, but the gasket was left behind and caused the new filter not to seat well, so the oil was leaking around the seal.

Took just a couple minutes and I was on my way to work again.  I was glad that I had started early this morning, 'cause after all that I was only an hour and a half late. 

Thankful it was an easy fix and the roads were not so bad.  Thankful for good neighbors who took me home.  Thankful for God who took good care of me and for giving me a husband who knows what to do when the car needs fixin'.  And right now I'm thankful for a warm office and a little extra heat.

Joanna starts work tonight in the kitchen at her new job. 

It's not and uneventful day...  and I'm hoping for no more challenges,  but if there are I know God will help me through.

Hope you have a great day!


  1. wow, thankful God watches over us ... "They" say, "God is in the delays." So nothing that has happened to you was not in God's perfect control! :)
    Hope you get some REST this weekend!!

  2. My goodness - when it rains it pours, huh? I agree, it's a wonderful blessing to have a husband who understands how things work & how to fix them when they don't work :-) I hope your weekend gave you a chance to get some extra rest!