Monday, January 16, 2012

Photos old and new

As promised, here's a few photos.  Heather is was sorting through family photos and came across a few "dinosaurs" I'd though you'd enjoy seeing too.

My handsome young man, Brandon.
Joanna, Me, Heather,and Brandon on Joanna's birthday hike near Mt. Cardigan
I received some photos on FB from Heather and thought I'd share.

It looks from the way everyone is bundled up that it was a really cold day, but was in the mid to upper 30s... a real heat wave after two very cold days.
Part of the trail followed along a river.  Very pretty.  Here's Pedro... Joanna's boxer.  He loves hiking with his "mom"

Flash back.  They we soooo cute when they were little.  What happened?  Joanna looks like she's afraid I might let go.
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Flash back even further.  This was while we still lived in Colorado.  L-R.. me, Joanna, in front of Joanna is her great grandmother Ruth, my dad, and he's holding Heather.
It was my delight to have the whole family stay with us in our little apartment in Littleton, CO.  My dad and Gramma are now gone, but Praise God we'll not be separated forever, this group will meet again in Glory.

Flash back even further to the late 60's/early 70's.  I can't remember exactly.  This is our family.  Myself, Dad, Mom and Brother Paul.  Mom has gone to glory now too.  She and Dad are enjoying the glory of Heaven together.  

Thank you Heather for scanning these pictures for me to share.  Love ya.

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  1. I like Pedro's jacket...and your brother's neck tie in that last picture. :) It looks like your family enjoys some cold weather. Very hearty!