Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Collage

I've put on a new collection of pictures in the header and since I don't care for pictures without captions I thought I'd walk you through this collection of pictures from our family...

from L to R... top to bottom

Heather last Christmas... peering through the palms
Mr. D with our tiny Christmas tree
Joanna when we went sledding 12/27/2009
Mom and Dad on their wedding day, Asbury Park Baptist
My brother and I in the sandbox
Our wedding day, my Mom and Mr. D's Mom and Dad
Brandon with a Luna Moth this past summer
The little "camper" our family lived in in Maine for 6 years - don't know how my Mom did it.
J and H last summer
Mr. D on his tractor
Our little "camper in the woods" covered with snow last winter
Washington DC in the cherry blossoms this past April.

Thank you for visiting.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. How fun! Thanks for identifying all of the photos! Your mom's hat in their wedding photo is amazing! What is it trimmed with? Can't really tell, but it sure is interesting.

  2. I think that's a little puff of feathers on that hat. She loved the hats. There was quite a collection of them which were discarded or given away or something. Wish we still had them just to look at.

  3. I love the pics ... especially those "older" black-and-whites. Studying those always fascinates me - glimpses of the past!! So special!!

  4. I'm totally with you - pics with no captions or explanations just make me wonder...
    Such great pics of your family! I love the wedding photos!