Friday, April 8, 2011

Sometimes God Says, "No".

We do not know the reasons, but we trust in a great and mighty God.  We don't see the future but He does.  We don't see dangers ahead, but He is able to take us through those times and keep us safe.

Our loan was not approved.  Because of the uneasiness of these financial times, it may be totally for the best.  We were hoping to get a lower interest rate, but what we have now it not outrageous and will be reviewed in another year anyway.  We have some decisions to make now, but I think it includes a little more elbow grease and a little more grit than we had anticipated.  I'm OK with that.  I haven't been sleeping well the past couple weeks anyway and it probably has something to do with this whole loan process.  Of course the same thing happened to me when I took my first car loan.  It's scary being in financial debt to someone else.  I know there are some who do not think we should take loans out at all.  We didn't have many choices when faced with moving in a fairly short period of time and having to find room for all of Mom and Dad's stuff.

It's just another adventure for us.  Doug and I are just trusting that the Lord knows what He's doing to and for us.  We are His children.

Keep praying please.  We really need to get stuff out of storage and it would be nice to have a home with 2-way traffic. :)


  1. Sorry about your disappointing news but it sounds like you have the right attitude. I agree with you about loans; they make me nervous, too. My husband & I are considering moving & the whole mortgage loan process bugs me. Before we were married & I bought a house on my own I had chest pain for a couple of days because I got so stressed out - don't be like me! :-) I'll pray that the Lord clearly directs you & that you can have a more comfortable living space soon!

  2. Thanks Mary Anm,
    Thank you for your encouragement. Yes, I know that God will direct us as to what we need to do.

    We've had lots of "adventures" since we've moved here. It's been a learning process from the very beginning. I'm glad to know that God holds our future in His hands and I don't need to worry or feel rushed or anything. It is such a comfort to know God and to be in His family. Unfortunately this fact doesn't keep me from worry all the time. If I stop and think about it and remember how God has led in the past, I have all kinds of peace, but if I don't... it can be really bad. I feel a little like the apostle Paul when he said. "For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I." Romans 7:15

    I'm still learning to trust after all these years of knowing Him.

  3. We are praying for you too. So sorry to hear about the non-approval, but as you said, we know that God has His reasons. I do pray, fervently, that you will get into a more permanent and adequate home soon.

    Whenever I think of how God provides our homes, I am invariably reminded of all of the people in this world who don't have a home, and of those who have truly inadequate homes -- like shipping containers, box trailers or even cardboard boxes. I'm always rebuked when I consider these things.

    Another thing that helps is to remember that God promises to provide food and raiment. When I studied out the word raiment one time, I learned that it doesn't only mean clothing, but refers to shelter too!

    I think we're all still learning to trust. I know I'm faced with new areas to trust Him in every day.