Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nicest Day in 5 Months

Yeah!!!!  I think spring has actually arrived in New Hampshire.  I went out at noon for a little sunshine and it must be 50 degrees and the sun is shining and it's definately NOT snowing!!! 

This was the symbol on my computer weather forcast this morning... along with  "high 54".

Other things to celebrate today... the bank loan forms are sent... yeah!  One step closer to getting into our house and out of the tiny camper.   I was able also to get all the documentation off to the insurance company today.  Sooo happy to have those things off my desk.

I got an invite from my daughter Heather to come and visit and she'll fly me down in April.  I'm just a little excited about that.  We thought it would be on the bus, but she was able to get a great price on plane tickets, so that's very nice.

We had snow yesterday at our house, the kind they call "sugar snow".  Would have been great for making a snow man, but it made our driveway really slick and I wasn't thinking much about snowmen.  Hope that's the last of it.  For the last two days on my way home I've seen a herd of deer eating from the grassy patches in the fields above Mascoma Lake.  They're getting excited for spring too.  It was a very hard winter for all the little critters.  

Hope spring comes soon for all of you too.
mud season in New Hampshire has officially begun.

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