Friday, August 27, 2010

A short Friday addition

I have not been blogging very much lately.  I love to blog too and I read all of your blogs and comment, but by the time I get done with reading and commenting, there is no time left for posting anything myself.  I don't know how you all find the time.  Maybe I am just not organized enough, but I would rather say it is because we are very busy right now.  Last night I meant to come to the library to post something and work on the "budget" and then I forgot all the paperwork on my desk because I was in a hurry to get to the parts store to pick up a rotor for my car, but then got caught in traffic and the parts store was closed anyway so I just went home and picked beans, did laundry and hung it up and made supper.  By the time I had shelled the beans, and cleaned up from supper it was 11 pm and time to hit the sack.  I was tired.  And you are probably tired of reading this horrible run on sentence :)

I thought after Brandon went home I'd have a little more time for this stuff, but not so.  I have even less it seems. Work is busy and during my lunch breaks I have errands to run.  All the garden is coming in at once it seems.  We must pick the shell beans this weekend or they will end up being dried beans again.  I don't mind the dry beans, but Mr. D like shell beans very much and I do admit they are very good with a little milk, butter, salt and pepper.  I have been picking Bible Beans each day and they just seem to grow so fast.  Tomatoes are starting to ripen up and the beets will need to be picked right after Labor Day.  Plus Labor Day weekend we must slaughter the meat birds.  They are stumbling and bumbling around in the coop... to lazy to even go outside where they can get out of the muck.  I'll be glad when they are in the freezer, 'cause they stink.

Well, this really wasn't a complaint about all the work I have, just a statement of fact and that I hope to get back into the blogging groove asap.

I love you all and apologize for the lack of communication.

See ya all soon!

Say good-bye Spotty...


  1. Sounds like your life is busy.

    Love the pictures of your garden. Looks very productive.

  2. Good to get an update from you ... and I'm glad you've been leaving me some notes on my blog :) So glad to hear the great news of your grandson's visit and that he went home being ETERNALLY changed!! Praise the Lord!
    Wish I could come help you w/ the garden ... and share some of your yummy produce! ;)

  3. Where do people get the time? I wonder as well! If I can post to my blog once a week, that's a productive week. Especially this time of year when things are so much busier. So many other things take priority over computer time right now. Maybe we all can regroup in the winter. :-)

  4. Ruth Bible Beans are a new bean that we tried this year. They are available through Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. An excellent variety for the type of weather we had this year. They are drought resistant, we didn't choose them for that reason... I liked the name since my name is Ruth. We really enjoyed them very much.

    If you live in a drier climate, these might be a good choice, but they did very well here in Northern NH too.