Friday, August 6, 2010

Just a note to let you know we're still here.

We have had an incredibly busy last few weeks.  I will try to summarize and I have lots to share, but no time right now for that.

Brandon came to stay with us July 6.  He has been a real joy to have around and we will miss him very much when he goes home.  His Mom is coming on the 13th and he will be going home that following week.  He has learned lots and we've gotten to know him much better.  Because he lives so far away, it is not always easy to know much about him under those circumstances.  He's learned a little about farm life.  We lost a few ducklings while he was here.  The dog had to be disciplined for taking one of them and that was quite an experience.  He learned that Spot had to bear the consequences of taking the duckling but that we still love her and after her time of discipline she will return to her place on the farm and will hopefully not do that again.  We went swimming in the Baker River and cooked corn on the fire and he helped Mr. D with outside tasks, even helping to fix the tractor a couple of times.  For being only eight years old, he sure has learned things quickly.  He found a few more vegetables to likes, cauliflower and summer squash and zucchini.  We even made zucchini brownies, a recipe we found on "Home Joy" .  This is a really yummy recipe and well worth a try even if you do not like zucchini.

I finished having my teeth out and have been fitted with dentures.  I feel so much better but it has been quite an adjustment.  I still am eating a soft diet and grinding up meat.  Brandon discovered he liked steak the way I eat it and I have to admit it is pretty tasty.  My last dentist appointment for 6 months was last week and afterwards we went to the ocean to celebrate.  It was a most beautiful evening.  We ate a little lunch and walked along the beach collecting shells and watching the fishermen and the waves.  The water was quite cold, but it was so beautiful.

This weekend we are planning a trip to Clark's Trading Post.  We always enjoy our trips up there.  We hope to take a couple of the boys from church with us.  It should be a fun trip with a picnic lunch and lots to see and do.  This is our last weekend with Brandon, so we plan to really enjoy it.

I promise that the next post will include pictures plus I have lots more stuff to tell you about.  Hope you are enjoying your summer too.

Love ya,
Mrs. D


  1. Thanks for the tip about the zucchini brownies; I read Home Joys, too.

    Glad you got your smile back. Hope the adjustment is fast and easy.

  2. have just a sec - but wanted to tell you I am thrilled about brandon's decision for Christ!!!!!

  3. Sounds like you've been having a beautiful summer. I'm sorry about your ducklings and hope Spot is on good behavior now.