Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter Again

After going without snow for such a long time... we thought we were going to be spared, not that we didn't have snow on the ground, but all the big storms were tracking south of us and we were hoping that they would stay there, but this past week all that changed.  Wednesday we had a big storm.  My normal commute to work took 1 hour longer than usual.  The roads were snow covered, but not too slippery.  Folks were just being very cautious...
You can't really see from this picture, but the traffic was up and around the turn way up ahead.  With no other roads around, I just waited in line.  Once on the highway it was smooth sailing.

Then it snowed again on Thursday, and again on Friday, and again on Saturday.  Sunday was sunny then today when I went out there was another inch of snow on my car to clean off.  It looks like from what the weatherman says we may not have any more snow for a while. 

Thursday night there were fierce winds, but our land was spared somehow.  God really had His hand on us this weekend.  We had just put up a small shelter for the compost outside where the ducks go out.  They have been digging up old compost and getting sick, so we piled sawdust over all that and made a small shelter.  Mr. D had not been able to complete the project so it is not tied down too well and we knew that the wind would have just taken that and thrown it who knows where.  We usually get lots of wind on our hill, but not this time.  All around us trees were down.  We lost electricity for about 20 hours and our phone was out for about 32 hours, but all is back now and we are warm and cozy.

A couple photos of Saturday's snow...  poor man's fertilizer.  This is the chicken coop with the leanto made out pallets and metal roofing.  It serves a purpose, but cannot tie it down too well because everything is frozen down there.  The snow on the roof ought to help hold it down now.

Our old Ford plow truck.  Doesn't look like much, but that thing weighs 9000 lb.  It has a double frame and a dump bed.  Dualies in the back with 4WD.  It has been broken down for the better part of 2 years, but now has a newly rebuilt engine and has been a big help this winter.  Mr. D's pride and joy. 

In the upper picture the structure to the left is our "greenhouse"  and just down hill from that is where our garden area is.  Soon we will be getting little plants started... hard to believe with all this snow.  The snow falls off the roof easily and is all off now.

Hope you have a wonderful day.  Spring is right around the corner!

Mrs. D

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