Friday, March 5, 2010

Some of you must get an early start on this.  I don't have to think too hard to come up with  "stuff" problems...
  When Mr. D and I were married 8 years ago, we combined 3 households worth of "stuff" (I'd call it junk, but Mr. D doesn't appreciate that).  My "stuff" had mostly been in storage because I had moved in to help Mom soon after graduating from college.  I just used her "stuff" which was better than my "stuff" anyway.  Then, Mr. D and I were married and so he brought all his "stuff" with him to stay with us and also help take care of Mom.  Then we decided to take my "stuff" out of storage and find someplace at Mom's to keep it since it was costing money to keep the storage unit and we seemed to have enough room with a new garage.  So my "stuff" came home again... now there were 3.  Then my Aunt Jean died and we were asked to come clean out her apartment... only 2 rooms, but you can't imagine the "stuff" that was stored there.  I didn't want to just throw away "stuff" since she had old handmade lace and such tucked into boxes with old bulk mail and there were family pictures tucked in everywhere and old jewelry etc.  I also did not have time right then to go through all the "stuff", so it was stored in the barn/garage with all the other "stuff".  Then Mom died and we had to move.  We bought land and cleared it and put on a septic and well and moved her mobile home there.  We then took all the "stuff" and stored it where ever we could finds spots, some in a friends barn, some in another friends barn, some in a garage and some in a storage unit... again.  We are working now at bringing it all home.  Our mobile home still needs some work to make it livable and ever so slowly we are going through all the "stuff".

The moral of the story is.... avoid keeping anything without going through and making sure it is something you will definately use.  If not... don't keep it, give it away, sell it or simply recycle.  Otherwise the "stuff" will get you.


  1. Oh, so true. We moved here more than 11 years ago, and we still have boxes of "stuff" that we haven't unpacked.

  2. I used to be like that and my husband was definitely like that for a long time but we moved into a smaller place and it forced us to get rid of stuff. My FIL wants us to come over and help them with their "stuff" this summer and a dumpster. We will see!

  3. oh, stuff! I am slowly slowly sorting through 17 years worth of STUFF in our house. We used to move every 6 months to 3 years when Dan was in the Army ... and now we haven't moved in 5 years. I used to clean out stuff when we moved - but now I have to just PRETEND we are moving so I can weed out stuff.
    And Mrs. Doug - I have to say you are such an encouragement to me when you comment on my blog :) I wish I could sit in with you IRL in your little Sunday School class or have you take care of my Miriam in the nursery - and just listen & learn from you! God bless you!