Friday, January 15, 2010

A Maine Christmas Celebration

On January 16 we traveled to Maine to get together with Mr. Doug's family.  We had lots of fun, but most of the fun stuff didn't get into pictures because this picture taker would rather be part of the fun than stop to take pictures.  The girls each got their own "flying saucer" and after the gifts were opened we took off for the hill.  We spent most of the afternoon out there sliding and blazing some new trails for future use.  It was lots of work and I think we were all exhausted afterwards... but not too exhausted to eat and play board games.

Gifts from Washington, DC... gifts from Oregon... from New Hampshire and Vermont.... so much fun

Interesting books and toys and later we'll go sliding!!!

Looks like the kids have worn out all the adults.

I haven't done much on my study, but have resumed my chronological reading of the Bible.  I let that go a little over the holidays.  I have some sewing to do this weekend because a friend of mine is expecting a little boy and we want to give her a little gift.  I picked out some nice soft knits to make some jammies out of.  It's a little warmer this weekend too, so I won't freeze while I sew.  We were able to get some of my containers of sewing materials out of storage this past week.  It's like Christmas seeing all those fabrics again.  I'm so excited to have a place to sew again.

Hope you have a great day in the Lord.
I won't be on the computer this weekend 'cause I'll be sewing :)

Mrs. D

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