Saturday, January 2, 2010

Little Spot's Accident

Some of you heard about little Spot and her accident a few weeks ago.  She's doing really well, I think she's getting much better because she got into the trash the other day... after a butter paper... her favorite.

She has all her stitches and tubes out now and wants you to rub the areas that were injured 'cause they itch terrible.  Of course she's not allowed to scratch them or they would open up again, so she still has her cone.

Here are a few picture... not for the faint of heart.

They called the injury a "degloving".  It took all the skin off her head and laid it bare and then her front paws too and broke her jaw.  She little so Doug thinks the truck just went right over her and rolled her over underneath.  She probably jumped which at least spared her skull from being broken.  Either that or she just has a "thick skull".  We are so happy that the Lord spared her life and that we were able to bear the expense of having her stitched up.
God is good!
Hope you have a good day.

Mrs. D

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