Friday, July 8, 2016

Written April 18th/Posted July 8th... hmmm what wrong with this picture?

Odd for us that it is April 18th and we've had some really great weather.  I started my greenhouse about 3 weeks ago and things are coming up!  I went out yesterday afternoon and did a little cleaning up in the garden getting ready for some early planting such as peas.  We did have the chickens out there cleaning up in the spring but the fence wasn't able to hold them due to winter damage and with Mr. D busy building a fortress for pigs I just decided to take down the fence.  It will make it easier to till and plant anyway.  The blueberry bushes are outgrowing their fencing so that will need to be hiked up a little.  The fencing we use for beans need to be repaired so there are many little details to take care of.

I'm getting excited to get my fingers in the dirt and it's coming quickly this year.  Yea!!!

The girls went for a little hike on Sunday and sent a couple pictures over FB. 
I think that Norman went hunting for salamanders already so mom just let him wade in his skivys .

Brandon is getting so tall.  Nice picture of the two of them together. 

It was a beautiful day Sunday and the temperature was a steady 74 at our house all day.  I looked at the weather map from last year and on April 24th we had snow.  I'm not saying it can't happen, but I don't see anything about snow on the weather calendar for this April. 

I haven't taken out the camera in a few months.  My job keeps me busy and I thought with less travel and another entire day off I'd have a bit for free time, but not so.  Seems I'm busier than ever now.  I gotta get some pictures going so I can remember these times and preserve them.

Norman comes over sometimes to see us and so doesn't Brandon.  Grampa has fixed up a bed that stretches across the backs of the seats in the dining area of the camper so he can get a good night sleep when he comes over.  When Norman comes over he sleeps on the couch.  He loves coming over to Gramma and Grampy's house and we love to have them both.  It's not a big place and certainly not "classy", but we've got lots of love. 

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