Friday, March 13, 2015

Garden Planning

I've been busy planning the garden out for the coming year.  I placed the seed order the other day to my seed companies of choice... R.H. Shumway's and Pinetree.  I get those catalogs and the juices start flowing like sap in the maples in spring.  Feels good to just be talking about it.  Last year the Lord gave us such a wonderful harvest, that it's even more exciting to think about all things "garden" this year.

curly kale

romano beans

blackberries... I don't plant them, they just grow everywhere.

lupines also grow wild

Lutz  Green Leaf Winter Keepers - our favorites

Some of the other things we'll be planting...  squash (summer and winter), jacob cattle beans, and peas and cukes.  We don't have a lot of room right now, but that will change over time.  We just enjoy planting and harvesting our own veggies and enjoying those in the summer and all winter long. 

Yea for spring... even if we expect snow this weekend.


  1. testing because my comments are not appearing. :(

  2. OK! Now my comments are working! I wanted to say I wish I were your neighbor so you would share your bounty with me ... and also be my real life friend!! :)

    1. I wish we lived closer too. I would love to sit down over a cup of hot tea and just visit.