Monday, June 9, 2014

Exhausting Weekend

I am totally exhausted after the weekend.  The thing is, I looked around the house and it looks like I didn't do much, but I did.  The floor tiles were all coming up inside our front door, so I pulled a bunch off... they just popped off and laid down some linoleum.  That made a huge difference.  I don't care for the color of the flooring, but it was free, so no complaints here.  I took down one very small shelf and put up two much larger shelves to house Doug's hat, gloves, cds and tapes and anything else he desires to put up there.

I moved the small shelf to near his place at the table to put more of his things on.  I'm going to be happy when he gets his own space in the mobile home for this stuff.  It takes over my living space in the camper.  I also took out all the empty canning jars, which gave me a little more kitchen space.  I moved out the couch and cleaned behind it the walls and floor till they sparkled.

I degreased the ceiling... well nearly all of it... its hard to believe that it gets so dirty over the winter, but with all the cooking we do in such a small space this happens.  Cleaning the ceiling makes such a change it looks like a new house.

I still have the bathroom area to deep clean... walls, ceiling, closets etc.  It will be nice to get all my summer clothes out finally since it is getting warmer now.   Joanna and Norman and I went for our first swim this summer at Spectacle Pond Sunday afternoon.  I expected the water to be too cold, but it was nice and warm.  Norman wasn't quite sure of the deep water but played contentedly in the sand with his buckets and toys.  I was so tired after making supper that I just hung up a few more loads of clothes to dry, cleaned the toilet, did the dishes and went to bed and slept like a log.

Mr. D has been sick for a couple day now, but on Saturday he took our little friend Michael to the Groton fishing derby where he got second prize.  Great job Michael!  We will be having trout for supper since it was free fishing after the derby and Mr. D came home with 4 nice trout.  Michael got five nice size ones too.  Hope he enjoyed his fish.

I watched Norman also on Saturday night, so Joanna could go fishing with her friend Tabitha.  She brought home a good sized hornpout and we'll be having that along with our trout.  Norman was climbing out of his pack and play, so Joanna made in into a Jr. bed for him so he doesn't hurt himself climbing out all the time.  On Sunday morning I heard rustling around and soon the pitter patter of little feet and next thing I knew there was cold feet at my back.  "I hungry", he says.  So we both got up and got breakfast and our day was started at 6 am.   I could have snoozed a little longer, but I don't think he would have let me.

No pictures yet, but I've been thinking about it.  Just doesn't seem to be enough time to get that done.

Have a happy day.

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  1. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about it! My weekend was busy and tiring (as was my week) but nothing compared to yours! I was going to say I hoped your upcoming week would be more relaxing, but as I thought about it I knew that wouldn't be the case. Hope your day is going well!