Friday, February 21, 2014

Hints of Spring

Yesterday was so wonderful.  First day I can remember when the temp was above 10.  Not really, but it was so nice to ride down the road with the car window open and just to sit for a few minutes in the sunshine.  It got me so excited for spring I went to the dollar store and bought a few seeds.

4/$1 seeds... can't go too wrong there even if you only get one or two fruit from each packet you've made back your investment.  Let's see, I bought cucumber-Pickling and Straight Eight, kale, sunflowers-Mammoth Russian, snap peas, and a few flowers which I thought might be interesting to try.  OK, it's not all that I'll grow, it was definately an impulse buy but it made me very happy. 

I have all my seed catalogs for the "serious" seed shopping and I'll let you know what we decide on as soon as we make our picks.

Happy spring ya'll.

Love ya!

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