Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life and Goals...

I've noticed that some of my friends are posting about goals.  Hey, I have goals too.  Though I don't usually write them down there are two main ones.  First, that I would grow closer to God, and Two, that I'd get stuff done in a timely manner.  I have many things to do, but mostly it's just everyday stuff and if it doesn't get done when it supposed to it throws the whole schedule off mightly. 

Some days I feel as though I am just sliding along on the surface... no real grip.  It's easy to get pushed around when life is like that.  I really want to dig deeper into my faith and family.  I've purchased a couple books that I hope to actually READ.  I think those along with my Bible time will help me to get a better hold on things. 

My schedule revolves around work, cleaning, cooking, and sleeping... anything else is an extra.   If I have a down time I've been knitting a sweater vest for the Grandboy coming in March.  I do try to reach out to others when the opportunities arrise.  For the most part, my world revolves around my home.  I like it there, but need to also be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I have found that just about the time I get comfortable someplace things begin to change.

It has been a lot of fun having my daughter living here.  She drops in after work and we chat about the day.  She's getting rounder and rounder and looking forward to when her little boy will be here. 
Feels like spring in the Nor'east.  The sugaring has actually started already in some places around the area.  Hard to believe, but I'm not sure we'll get any big snows this year.  After last year with snow storm after snow storm you'd think we'd be happy... I am :)

My mind is already turning to gardening.  I've gotta get the apple tree pruned before is starts setting buds.  It needs another spraying this spring too to keep all the bugs off.  As soon as the soil is thawed and dry enough I'll be able to go down and till it.  I want to plant some new herbs this year in the herb garden.  I have oregano established, also caraway and camomile and some wild flowers to attract the bees, but I want rosemary if I can find one that will take the hard winters up here and also lemon verbena.  I would like to get lavender started but none of my seeds germinated last year.  I'll try again this year.  If I can get it started, I'll pull up and get rid of the wildflowers and keep the lavendar.  The wildflowers want to take over the whole space.    Looking forward also to some parsnips this spring.

Pictures of our recent trip to Maine...

Mr. D and I with Mom and Dad (the birthday boy)
The birthday pie... my do we like to eat :)

The siblings... must have been tough to be the only boy :)

Taking a snooze with Spot... Spot's favorite lap


  1. awww, Brandon is coming!!! yeah for you! glad he is still thinking and talking about spiritual things - praying he'll continuet ogrow in grace & knowledge!
    and another grand BOY on the way - I dind't catch that you knnew it was a boy - but yeah!!!! no doubt this is a special bonding time for you & your daughter as you prepare for this special arrival!

  2. Good goals! It's so true that God often seems to take us out of our comfort zone just as we are getting comfy there. Guess that is one way of ensuring that we depend upon Him and not on our own strength or any earthly support system.

    Guess there's some snow on the way! Mr. T and I have been thinking all along that we could get a lot of snow in March, even though there have been a lot of springlike moments already. We're both thankful though for all of the snow that we missed out on. We'll see what the next couple days bring. Seems like we could get just a little snow ... or quite a lot.