Friday, January 7, 2011

First Week

We had a wonderful trip to Maine last weekend.  I was a little shaky about going 'cause our little furnace still isn't working, but don't you know... God took care of everything.  We had weather so warm it felt a little like spring.  On Saturday Dad looked at the thermometer and it was reading 60 degrees.  The little girls wanted to go sledding, but came back in soaked 'cause the snow was melting furiously fast.  No need to worry about anything freezing here at home.  All my anxiety was for nothing.  One of these days I'll throw out all those anxious moments and realize that God is able.  How many, many times I have doubted.  I'm far worse than Thomas! 

I've been keeping up with my 90 day challenge so far... barely... hope I can keep up.  I've been giving our neighbor a ride to work in the morning which gets me up about an hour earlier than usual.  This is not a bad thing.  I just sit in the local coffee shop with a hot cup of morning coffee (the only shop that gives you a bottomless cup for .80 still), and pull out my Bible and read.  It's a little noisy, but after teaching school all those years I have learned to read or study with noise around me.  It's not ideal, but it works. 

It's been busy at work with a new logistics system in place and we're all trying to get used to it.  I am doing the daily upgrades on data entry such as new customers and gps locations making sure the orders are all entered correctly.  We generally take about 250-300 orders per day.  On any given day there may be 25+/- that have some errors.  Doesn't sound like much, but this new system must meld with the old, so all the data needs to be exactly the same.  Soon everyone will know how to enter data accurately and there will be fewer errors.

We've not had any significant snow since last weekend's thaw, so all around the chicken coop is icy.  We lost one poor hen who froze in the ice.  We didn't see her at first because  she had tucked herself in as close to the coop as possible, but apparently didn't have the strength to find the entrance.  Inside the coop is quite warm due to a deep litter.  That will all be cleaned out in the spring and we'll start building it up again in preparation for next winter. 

Seed catalogs have come and we've been shopping a little for the garden.  We do save seeds, so thankfully there isn't need for much this year.  With all the mechanical repairs that need to be done, we have a much depleted budget.  I did order some new items and also some strawberries and raspberries.

I promise to have picture on the next post.  I mistakenly left my laptop in Maine.  Mom and Dad are bringing it back when they come back in a couple weeks. 

A friend of mine emailed me this funny about a week ago.  Thought it would make you smile today and no, I am not eating donuts with my coffee... we have plenty of that at work.


  1. well, welcome back to reality, Mrs. D ... sounds like the new logistics system will keep you challenged! :)
    And good for you for keeping up w/ your 90 Day Challenge. Actually, a few extra minutes in a coffeehouse - crowded & loud or not - sounds HEAVENLY to me!!!! :) What a nice way to start your morning. Glad you're back from Maine & glad to hear from you. God bless!

  2. he he - I like the cartoon =)

    Glad you had a good, safe trip!

  3. I'm looking at seed catalogs here too, but it seems so far away with snow pending! I love the comic- what a way to look at it! ~Monica