Friday, April 9, 2010

It's spring!!!!!

(not my crocus pic, but same type as mine - found on

We had a wonderful Resurrection Day at our house.  We started the day with Sunrise Service at church.  It was so nice and warm this year and we actually saw the sun rise.  A wonderful time to sing and hear God's Word as we remembered God's gift of life.  Then we had a huge breakfast.  Everyone brought something to share.  We had all sorts of fresh fruit and egg cassaroles and fresh made cinnamon buns.  We had a good time of fellowship around the table with our brothers and sisters in the Lord.  After breakfast and fellowship we had a wonderful church service with singing great hymns and hearing the Word of God again and it all ended with a baptism.  Two young people, missionaries children, followed the Lord's example in baptism signifying the commitment of their lives to the Lord.  It was so wonderful.  Then after church Mr. D and I were able to spend some time together.  We wandered all around the land and made plans.,  Then we had a quiet supper and went to bed early.  Much needed rest.

(picture my daughter sent of the cherry blossoms in DC this year)

I have been just so excited about our early spring in New Hampshire.  I had to go to Boston Wednesday for a dental appointment and WoW!  it was 85 degrees when I came out of the office at 5:00.  It is just amazing.  Even where we live in the north country the flowers are springing up.  My friend, Betty, gave me a forsynthia bush the year we moved in here and it is blooming beautifully this year.  My crocus have multiplied around the old pine tree stump.

  Daffodils and tulips are coming up as well as rhubarb and chive and my swiss chard from last year is coming back... probably won't amount to much because I think chard is a biennial, so this year it will just go to seed.  Lots of wildflowers.  We went for a walk up through the woods behind our house on Easter afternoon and found thousands of Adder's Tongue coming up and many other little green shoots.  The stream is babbling along but soon will be dry.  We had some rain the past couple days and that will make everything grow a little faster.  I am going to go down this weekend and till the garden area up.  I want to get the squash in as soon as I can.  I'm a little hesitant to get everything planted this early, but some things are cold hardy and would probably be OK... like broccoli and peas and cabbages.  Memorial Day is planting day for us.  That's the day the squash, beans, beets, and other good stuff gets planted.  Also the day we spread manure and till it in.  We have lots of chicken droppings from the old coop that are going in too, so hope this year will be good gardening.

What do you grow in your garden?  Do you have flower or vegetable or both?  How early can you safely plant?

I just love getting in the dirt!  I'm ready for the gardening to begin!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend as you also remember the joy of Resurrection Day everyday!

Up from the grave he arose; 
With a mighty triumph o'er his foes; 
He arose a victor from the dark domain, 
And he lives forever, with his saints to reign. 
He arose! He arose! 
Hallelujah! Christ arose!
Robert Lowry, 1826-1899

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